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Social Media Mental Health Mentor

A former marketing education expert, Sarah Potter has worked with over a dozen brands, including SXSW ED, The Plutus Foundation, Sunsama, and more to create comprehensive, educational social media content to help brands amplify their voice in an organic format.

Sarah’s work has been featured on ListenMoneyMatters.com, CentSai, SXSW Edu, ABC15, EIC Agency, and more.

Today, Sarah works with a variety of brands building products, services, and solutions to help those with mental health struggles and illnesses better their lives. 

 A graduate of Arizona State University (BA) and Grand Canyon University (MS), Sarah dedicates her time to researching and uncovering the realities around mental health and painting a truer picture of what living with mental illness looks like. 

Her past client works include Sunsama and Emotional Collidescope. She is currently looking to work with brands that support good mental health and personal growth products and services. 


“Working with Sarah was an incredible experience. Her professionalism, communication, and understanding of the project made me feel confident in her ability to execute great work.”

– Emotional Collidescope, Kickstarter Campaign

Let’s Work Together On…

  • Social Media Campagins
  • Podcast Episode Sponsorships
    • Sponsored interview
    • Ad Spots
  • Webinars
  • TV Interviews
  • Spokesperson
  • Event Hosting or Panel Moderation
  • Custom internal or external facing content

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