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Dopamine Deficient is Now Streaming

Living a happy life with a dopamine deficiency is challenging but not impossible. On this podcast you’ll hear what mental illnesses and disorders are affected by dopamine deficiency, learn how to change the way we think about our own mental health, create an arsenal of tools to help you cope, and breakdown the stigmas surrounding mental illness.


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Meet Sarah

Diagnosed ADHD and Bipolar I, just over a year ago, has changed my life for the better. I’ve been in therapy for over three years straight working through trauma, binge eating disorder, depression, anxiety, having a differently abled brain. I’ve always worked on a therapeutic level with clients I’ve had in the past and in my personal relationships, as well as my TikTok channel. 

My belief is that through education, sharing our experiences, hosting honest conversations about how we’re really doing, and being there, no questions asked, for one another, we’ll allow ourselves to find the type of belonging we’ve been searching for and develop a safe space to connect.

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