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Social Media Therapy takes you on a journey of self-discovery as Sarah, your podcast host, breaks down the stigmas and taboos surrounding mental health disorders and how social media affects our mental health.

Each of episode will feature a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who will share their insights and expertise with listeners. Sarah, herself is not a therapist–more like that best friend you go to for advice.

Meet Your Host, Sarah Potter

Meet Sarah a social media marketing consultant, digital expert, and mental health advocate who’s been foraging their way through the digital world since the early 2010’s. 

In 2015 I left my desk job mic-drop style. I had been working for some guy focused on producing inflated results and fake numbers to customers with the idea that it would bring in more money. So, I left, and I never looked back.

I was a single mom to a child with Autism, $0 in savings, a one-bedroom apartment (where I slept on the couch), and a ton of grit.” 

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