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Social Media Therapy takes you on a journey of self-discovery as Sarah, your podcast host, breaks down the stigmas and taboos surrounding mental health disorders and how social media affects our mental health.

Each of episode will feature a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who will share their insights and expertise with listeners. Sarah, herself is not a therapist–more like that best friend you go to for advice.

New Podcast Segment

Person with a period is a segment on social media therapy, a podcast centered on explaining how our minds work on social media and destigmatizing mental health. With the recent overturning a Roe vs Wade, the implications for people with a period are far-reaching. The purpose of this segment on the podcast are to share the stories of those who have sought out an abortion or had an abortion and continuing to destigmatize abortions.

This segment on the podcast serves as a platform for others to share their abortion stories and to help further the goal of bringing back safe, affordable abortion care for people with a period everywhere.

A lack of abortion access directly affects our economical, mental, emotional, and physical lives. Eliminating safe, affordable abortion care disproportionately affects black women, people in poor regions, people in rural regions, and other minority groups like Latinx, Asian, and more.

If you have an abortion story that you would like to share, please go to the link in my bio and fill out the form for “People with a Period.” From there I’ll schedule a 30 minute conversation where you will have 30 minutes to share your abortion story. This is an open call to women, transgender persons, and young women Who have had to come face-to-face with choosing abortion. 

Sarah Potter, Mental Health Mentor

Diagnosed ADHD and Bipolar I, just over a year ago, has changed my life for the better. I’ve been in therapy for over three years straight working through trauma, binge eating disorder, depression, anxiety, having a differently abled brain. I’ve always worked on a therapeutic level with clients I’ve had in the past and in my personal relationships, as well as my TikTok channel. 

My belief is that through education, sharing our experiences, hosting honest conversations about how we’re really doing, and being there, no questions asked, for one another, we’ll allow ourselves to find the type of belonging we’ve been searching for and develop a safe space to connect.

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